A Journey to connect Body and Words

A personal story of coming to find The Pantarei Approach

I really want to share my journey of how I came to this work, as I hope it may give you a way in to understand the benefits of the work for yourself. It’s also a way to introduce myself as a practitioner so you might get a window into my personal world.

Before I started this work, I felt there was something missing in the way I was dealing with life…   I had periods of time where I would feel sadness as a feeling that would not go away.  I went about finding where I could get some support in dealing with this.

I had heard of many methods, some involving more body-based approaches, and some were talking approaches, and some used both.  For me, I decided on an approach which involved both words and body – because I felt that including both of these areas made sense to me  – I knew I couldn’t live my life without my body, and I knew I could share more of myself with others if I could articulate myself clearer with words.

When I started having sessions myself, I found that I could look clearer at what emotions I was experiencing and what ideas I was holding onto, and when I was feeling more free to be myself.

Having someone there to help me articulate and support my experience in words gave me more ownership over my experience. This gave me back a lot of energy which I could direct towards what I actually wanted in life. Working on this through the body gave me a way to practice it tangibly and step by step, so that I could access that experience more easily in daily life.

Now I can continue to tap into more of this freedom, courage and compassion to be myself and to give others space to be themselves too.  It’s much easier to deal with the challenges and the opportunities in life.  I find each day there are more chances for ease, curiosity and joy…!

Jan Lee