OK… I’m imperfect!!!!!!!

I graduated last month, and am realising how much loaded expectation I am putting on myself to be perfect.

It’s true that I had an intensive and deep training and am now officially fully certified and yes I’m ready to rock!!… But there are times that I feel as if I don’t know anything.  But as I keep confronting this feeling of not knowing, I feel more and more clear and ready to respond to another’s situation. I keep going. I find I want to be deeply honest about my own limits and be open about them. The process of learning about oneself through transformation is surely one of a lifetime, whether that is my own journey, or that of one of my clients.

When meeting each client in a session, I feel honoured to be able to support their heart’s journey as they make their own way through life. If I can be open and honest, then all I have to do is very simple… just be ready with all I have, so I can be fully present for you, my client.

I really look forward to meeting you fully – all of who you can manage to be – perfectly imperfectly perfect.