About B O D Y S P O K E N

We are all born with an innate ability to create changes in our life. This is connected to our bodily sense of ourselves, in relation to how we feel, think, and interact with our world.

At times we experience sensations such as discomfort, pain, disconnection, stuckness or inhibition that may stop us from achieving what we truly want.

In times of intensity, challenge or potential opportunities, it is possible to learn to flow with these sensations and tap into a more relaxed and deeper sensation of our body and mind. Through this we can find strength from our past, clarify and align ourselves with our future intentions, and gain insight and vital energy to support a fuller experience of our body, mind and wellbeing.

My name is Jan-Ming Lee, and I hold BODYSPOKEN one-to-one sessions in Bristol and in London.

I am trained in The Pantarei Approach which is a body-based approach that combines talking therapy with hands-on empathetic touch & movement.


“…The sessions I had with Jan resonate in my body and mind for a long time after and help me make some concrete changes in my life.  I feel safety but also a lot of freedom. Thank you” – Daniel Mang