About B O D Y S P O K E N

“…The session I had with Jan resonated in my body and mind for a long time after and helped me make some concrete changes in my life.  I was impressed with her as a therapist. I felt safety but also a lot of freedom. I think that might have something to do with her long experience as an improviser in movement and music. Thank you Jan” – Daniel Mang (physiotherapist, bodyworker, movement teacher)

BODYSPOKEN gives a one-to-one holistic support to boost your wellbeing and confidence, reconnect you to your body as a unity, support your clarity of mind and help give voice to your deeper wishes.  Its aim is for you to experience yourself more fully and freely, a training to live your life from an empowered and truly creative space with a fullness of heart.

We were all born with an innate ability to create changes in our life. There was an early age when we were very young children, where we could not be lied to – we knew when something was wrong.  We were once able to sense our own needs and wishes and respond spontaneously with our truth to the world. 

Through the many years of growing, we have been constantly shaped by societal, personal or performance pressures, barriers and obstacles. We have taught ourselves to inhibit, detach, and not trust our inner-most ability to sense how we really feel and how we really want to communicate.

Jan Lee holds BODYSPOKEN one-to-one sessions at her North London space for people of all walks of life, ages, backgrounds and intentions. She holds a safe listening space which allows for each person’s pace and rhythms. She is trained in The Pantarei Approach which is a body-based approach that responds and collaborates with the vitality of another person through creative verbal and hands-on communication. Jan also brings in her 15 years of experience as an artist working with movement, theatre, music and art to open up this healing space to invite a freer expression in body, movement, voice and presence.