What happens?

We usually start speaking together in conversation. 

The verbal conversation is a way to get a picture of what is present for you, and help you articulate what physical and/or emotional challenges/desires are present for you in your life. 

The hands-on part of the session will follow, much like a verbal conversation but through touch.

We can do this while sitting, standing, lying down on a massage table or standing, or in movement.

I will help you explore ways to release physical, emotional, and mental tension which you may be holding, so that you can experience yourself in a more integrated and relaxed way.

Combining bodywork and talking therapy helps you to finetune your body awareness and direct your energy and release unnecessary tension, especially when you are under pressure, or wanting to achieve your goals.

In an online session, we do a similar process, but instead I guide you to use self-touch, breath, movement and body awareness skills to connect to your life goals. This sounds strange to do online but it really works – and also offers you a toolkit to resource yourself on your own.

At the end of each session there is time for you to rest on your own to let your body and mind process. I will return to the virtual/real room to close the session with you together.