What happens?

Be supported to articulate and review what you need and want in your life right now

Be guided through hands-on touch to experience what feelings are present

In a safe space, allow yourself to shed what you don’t need to hold physically, mentally and emotionally

Have more space to regain energy to flow toward your deeper wishes


What does a session usually look like?

We sit together and use creative constructive verbal communication to explore how you are feeling right now.  I support you to articulate clearer what emotions, challenges, and passions are present for you in your life.

We acknowledge your life experiences as a rich resource to find out what is unique about you and how you deal with challenges and opportunities in every moment.

We communicate together in a way that respects you as an individual, with unique strengths, goals and values. Finding an honest way that you can connect to the best version of yourself, supporting your deepest intentions.  The session is held so there is as much space as possible for you to feel safe and free.

We tune into your body sensations so you can feel what’s present right now.  I guide you with hands-on touch to experience what emotions are in the body, encouraging the energy to flow so that your mind, body and feelings can be in more dynamic communication. This helps you to explore ways to release physical, emotional, and mental tension which you may be holding, so that you can experience yourself in a more integrated and relaxed way.

We can do this while sitting, lying on a massage table, standing, moving through space, or exploring moving in contact with the floor or with my touch. We find the best way that suits you in each session.

I also tap into my background as a creative facilitator of dance and musicality to support your freedom to explore and express yourself including breath, movement, voice, stillness and presence. It is not about performing but using creativity to connect to our honest expression in a non-judgemental way.

At the end, there is a resting period on your own of around 10 minutes. This helps your body to digest the session and your mind to rest.