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‘Jan’s sessions offered a safely held space to connect to body and mind in a way that was deep and theme-oriented but also creative and playful’ – (Paul S., Translator)

‘The physical part of the session felt healing and energising. Talking throughout it felt natural in a way that I’d not really experienced during massages in the past.’ – (AH)

‘…I received an astonishing online body coaching session of Jan Lee! …Thank you! Big recommend.’ – (Ela Aschenbach)

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First phone discovery call  20 minutes (optional) 

First in-person session (90 minutes) 
standard price £85
Pay what you can £68 – £85*

Following in-person sessions (60 minutes)
standard price £68 per session :
6+ sessions block 
Pay what you can £40 – £68*

Following sessions are only available in blocks, as this offers longer-lasting results than a one-off session. However, if you have not had a session in over 3 months, a one-off session is possible, to catch up with what has been missed and to re-start the process. Payments are possible in installments over time.

If you have not had a session in over 3 months (90 minutes)
standard price £85
Pay what you can £68 – £85*

Home visits are available depending on availability and location
(additional fees apply, please ask)

*Pay what you can options are open for:
– people of the global majority (black, asian, and racialized minorities) to re-address the balance in access,
– those with low financial privilege – see the far-right bottle below to help you consider your situation.
These are limited to a number available each month and dependent on location. Please ask.


“Hey Jan, thanks for yet another truly awesome session.” – (Roddy Skeaping, musician)